• ALLPI Annual Consultative Forum 2022

     ALLPI Annual Consultative Forum 2022 which was conducted in Kampala, Uganda during 13 - 15 December 2022.

  • “Ethiopia Tamrit” Expo 2023 concluded with the great hope to the development of Ethiopian manufacturing Industry sustainably

    The 2nd Edition of the “Ethiopia Tamrit” ( to mean “Let Ethiopia Produce”) Expo, which ran through 6th  – 10th  May 2023 at Millennium Hall in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, was concluded to have a great energy in developing the manufacturing sector of Ethiopia. The Expo has been the initiative of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia HE Dr. Abiy Ahmed to promote Ethiopian manufacturing to the level potential demands. The Expo was  part of the 10-year development plan for the industry sector –intends to address the challenges that producers at all levels confront during the manufacturing process, and increase the sector’s contribution to the GDP.

    Africa Leather and Leather Products Institute (ALLPI) Co-sponsored the Expo which has been an important Platform for Ethiopian Manufacturing sector enhancement in general and Leather and Leather Products and allied industries markets in particular.

  • ALLPI delegates Conclude a working Mission to the Republic of Sudan

    ALLPI Delegates and Sudan COMESA Coordinating Unit of the Ministry of Trade & Supplies (Mr. Ghebregziabher Ghebremedhin, PC ALLPI, first from left, Mrs Khediga Sadig Director of Sudan COMESA Coordinating Unit second from left, Professor Mekonnen, Advisor to the ED ALLPI, third from left, Mrs. Tigist Hailegiorgis ABF head ALLPI, fourth from left, Mr. Ishag Yagoub Sudan COMESA Coordinating Unit fourth from left, others staff members of Sudan Ministry of Trade & Supplies
    ALLPI Delegates at Sudan Standard and Metrology Organization

    Africa Leather & Leather Products Institute (ALLPI) conducted a successful mission to the Republic of Sudan 23 – 28 October 2022.

    The aim of the mission was to discuss on how to further strengthen the collaborations between the leather value chain stakeholders of Sudan and the ALLPI so that to enhance the process of transformation of the leather sector in Sudan. The mission was planned and implemented in collaboration with the Sudan COMESA coordinating unit of the Ministry of Trade and Supplies.

    The ALLPI delegates in its four days mission conducted fruitful meetings with different stakeholders in the Sudanese Leather Value Chain:
    The first meeting was conducted between the representatives of the Ministry of Trade & Supplies and the ALLPI in which delegates the discussion concentrated on bilateral issues concerning ALLPI’s intervention in the value chain and Sudan’s assessed contribution were thoroughly discussed.  In the meeting the Ministry expressed its satisfaction with collaborative activities and affirmed Sudan’s commitment to its membership and confirmed its commitment to fulfill its obligations.

  • ALLPI Hotsted the East Africa Community Delegates

    Africa Leather and Leather Products Institute (ALLPI) Hosts East African Community (EAC) Secretariat in collaboration with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) during 22nd -25th January 2018.
    The purpose of the Mission was to share from the Ethiopia experience from the perspective of industrial policy implementation.
    ALLPI was officially requested to facilitate the experience sharing Mission to Ethiopia of the high-level EAC delegation.
    The participants are from 6 countries which represents ECA secretariat, UNIDO representative from Dar-es-Selam, Tanzania and from partner states.


    Welcoming of ALLPI Executive Director
    Welcoming of ALLPI Executive Director

    During an Event organized on 16thNovember 2023 in the ALLPI Headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, all ALLPI Staff Members and guests welcomed the new Executive Director, Mr. Nicholas Mudungwe, who joined ALLPI recently. Mr. Mudungwe worked at the COMESA Secretariat and later was moved to ALLPI where he served as a Programs Coordinator. Thereafter, he joined the International Trade Center (ITC) where he has been working before taking up this new appointment with ALLPI.

    The Board chairman Mr. Abdul Hakim Sekandi (Uganda) and Dr. Milkesa Jagema, ALLPI Board of Directors Member (Ethiopia), graced the welcoming event.

    Mr. Ghebregziabher Ghebremedhin who has led ALLPI in the duo capacity of Acting Executive Director and Programs Coordinator for the past 11 months following the retirement of Prof. Mwinyihinja Mwinyikione made the opening remarks by welcoming the distinguished ALLPI Board Members, the new Executive Director and all ALLPI Staff Members. He called upon the ALLPI Board Member for Ethiopia, Dr. Milkesa Jagema to give his welcome remarks, followed by the Chairman of the Board of ALLPI Mr.Abdul Hakim Sekandi who officially welcomed and inaugurated Mr. Nicholas Mundungwe in his position as the new Executive Director for ALLPI.

  • Kenya Leather sector SMEs receive Technical Support to boost Productivity and Competitiveness

    BADEA Technical Support to Kenya
    BADEA Technical Support to Kenya

    Africa Leather and Leather Products Institute (ALLPI) continues to intensify efforts to boost its member states Leather sector SMEs Productivity and Competitiveness.
    This intervention is made possible through the grant funding support provided by the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA).

    The support comprises provision of “basic equipment for footwear production” and “capacity building Training in Footwear and leather good Design, Craftsmanship, Export Readiness, Transformative Entrepreneurship,  Costing and Record Keeping”.

    Earlier this year ALLPI completed installation of equipment at the Training and Production Center for Shoe Industry (TPCSI) Thika, Kenya. TPCSI is a regional training center that was established by the Government of Kenya with support from UNIDO and other cooperating partners in the early nineties and the Government of Kenya and its cooperating partners have invested in infrastructure development support in terms of machines and equipment for the center over the years. The equipment provided by ALLPI recently through BADEA technical support is meant to facilitate the establishment of the Satellite Design Studio that aimed at enhancing design capacity development for the SMEs in Kenya.

  • LLPI was Re-branded to Africa Leather and Leather Products Institute (ALLPI)

    In order to enhance its global outlook and to widen its mandate inline with the continental dynamics, for example the COMESA-EAC-SADC Tripartite, AUC Agenda 2063, Sustainable Development Gaols(SDG), Rising Consumption of Synthetic based footwear and products, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) among other factors, it was proposed to rebrand the LLPI to ALLPI. 

    The Board of Directors of LLPI recommended that the institution should in its effort to rebrand reflect its Regional and International status, as stipulated under LLPI Charter 9(6), 27(1) to be known as African LLPI. The Board’s recommendation to rebrand LLPI as Africa Leather and Leather Products Institute was approved by the COMESA Policy Organs Meeting that was held in Lusaka, Zambia, 26th October – 3rd November 2017.

    The rebranding of the Institute will give a chance for non-COMESA countries to join ALLPI for the development of their respective leather sector.


  • The 1st Edition of Africa International Footwear, Fashion Leather Products & Accessories Exhibition (AFLEX) 2024 held in Nairobi, Kenya

    The 1st edition of Africa International Footwear, Fashion Leather Products & Accessories Exhibition (AFLEX). 2024 which ran through 29th to 31st May 2024, at Arabuko Hall, Sarit Expo Center, Nairobi was concluded to have production and  business linkages among the leather players globally. This three-day exhibition, brings together India, China and Africa Leather and allied industries manufacturer to explore and create marketing linkages along the Leather value chain.

    inaugural ceremony joined by Sambasiva Rao Pamidimukkala, Managing Director, @ALPHARAMA LIMITED , Rohit Vadhwana, IFS, Deputy High Commissioner, India @Birkinesh Gonfa Yado, Africa Leather and Leather Products Institute(ALLPI),
    inaugural ceremony joined by Sambasiva Rao Pamidimukkala, Managing Director, @ALPHARAMA LIMITED , Rohit Vadhwana, IFS, Deputy High Commissioner, India @Birkinesh Gonfa Yado, Africa Leather and Leather Products Institute(ALLPI),