Prof. Dr. Mwinyikione Mwinyihija, Executive Director of ALLPI

Prof. (Dr.) M. Mwinyihija, PhD, DSc, D.Phil., D.Mngt., Hon. D.LI., FSB, FCIWEM., FCMI, FHEA, HSC, CMgr., CSci., CEnv., CBiol., C.WEM.

Prof. Dr. Mwinyikione Mwinyihija received his PhD in Environmental Science (Ecotoxicology and remediation of tanning industry effluents) at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK. Later undertook a Post-Doc leading to DSc (Waste management of leather processing) at the Atlantic University, USA. To enrich his leadership and managerial skills he pursued a doctorate in management which lead to D.Mngt. From SMC-University, Switzerland with a dissertation ‘Conceptualization of opportunity management towards value addition strategy for the leather sector in Kenya’. He has also been awarded D.Phil. award in Management from UCN-Nicaragua. Currently, he is pursuing advanced research activities in understanding what bottleneck bedevil the African quest to avail specialized skilled manpower for the leather sector’s value chain stratums.

He has in the past being an adjunct lecturer at Jomo Kenyatta University, Kenya & moderator of exams in Nairobi University and doctoral examiner at the University of Madras and Anna University, India. Currently, he is also Professor of Management at Euclid University and Faculty at University of the People, USA. He continues to be actively engaged as a mentor, supervisor and examiner of various masters and doctoral programmes at various national, regional and global institutions of higher learning.

In addition, to the ascribed qualification he holds Chartered Fellowship with professional institutions of high esteem, e.g. Council of Science, Institute of Biology (UK), Chartered Institute of Water and Environment, Society of the environmental, Association for the Advancement of Biodiversity Science and Chartered Management Institute, Institute of Management and Higher education academy . He has published several papers, books and is a reviewer in various prestigious peer-reviewed journals. Has travelled widely and attends several international fora such as the International Council of Tanners, British Society of Soil Science, Institute of Biology, United Nations forum on climate change, Institute of environmental audit and management and specialized for a globally on invitation etc. He maintains a strong research passion in areas of value creation, opportunity management and environmental management, higher education agenda directed towards the value addition chains of the leather subsector in the realms of focused socio-economic development at the Global stage.

He is presently the Executive Director of Africa Leather and Leather Products Institute a regional organization mandated and chartered to spearhead the development of the leather sector in Africa, Convenor of the IULTCS 2021 and The Vice President of The International Council of Tanners. Previously, served as the Chief Executive and founder of the Leather development Council, Kenya with a similar mandate but at the national level. His continued professional engagements have resulted in providing leadership also to the development of the leather sector at other national, regional and global platform. For example, served as a panellist and technical project team leader (Ostrich and Crocodile skins standards development) and member of-of ISO Committee 120 of the International standards organization, Scientific Conference committee member of IULTCS World leather congress and Ege University, Izmir Turkey.  He is recently appointed as the World Certification Institute Ambassador-with particular focus to enhance Skills and Curriculum recognition in Africa. Moreover,  Prof Mwinyihija has continued playing an active role in the dissemination of science in various specialised and general public platforms to ensure sustainable development and change management in Africa and the world at large for the leather sector globally. Continuous involvement at various leather sector fora and activities worldwide, resulted in Prof. Mwinyihija’s award of an honorary doctorate from The Sudan University of Science and Technology in 2017.

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Prof. (Dr5) Mwinyikione Mwinyihija, Executive Director of ALLPI (2013-2022)

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