Welcoming of ALLPI Executive Director
Welcoming of ALLPI Executive Director

During an Event organized on 16th November 2023 in the ALLPI Headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, all ALLPI Staff Members and guests welcomed the new Executive Director, Mr. Nicholas Mudungwe, who joined ALLPI recently. Mr. Mudungwe worked at the COMESA Secretariat and later was moved to ALLPI where he served as a Programs Coordinator. Thereafter, he joined the International Trade Center (ITC) where he has been working before taking up this new appointment with ALLPI.

The Board chairman Mr. Abdul Hakim Sekandi (Uganda) and Dr. Milkesa Jagema, ALLPI Board of Directors Member (Ethiopia), graced the welcoming event.

Mr. Ghebregziabher Ghebremedhin who has led ALLPI in the duo capacity of Acting Executive Director and Programs Coordinator for the past 11 months following the retirement of Prof. Mwinyihinja Mwinyikione made the opening remarks by welcoming the distinguished ALLPI Board Members, the new Executive Director and all ALLPI Staff Members. He called upon the ALLPI Board Member for Ethiopia, Dr. Milkesa Jagema to give his welcome remarks, followed by the Chairman of the Board of ALLPI Mr.Abdul Hakim Sekandi who officially welcomed and inaugurated Mr. Nicholas Mundungwe in his position as the new Executive Director for ALLPI.

The Board Chairman Mr. Sekandi in his welcoming remarks explained that Mr. Nicholas is not new to ALLPI and that during his previous job with ALLPI a few years ago, he provided a lot of strategies and concepts in the project implementation.

He encouraged the new Executive Director and the ALLPI team to bring the organization into the continental and global arenas by focusing on the following activities among other things:

  • Internal capacity building to foster unity among ALLPI staff
  • Expanding Member States for ALLPI
  • Devise a plan for ALLPI to be recognized continently and globally
  • Linking ALLPI to Universities as ALLPI is a knowledge-based institution
  • Conduct joint program implementation with Member States
  • Ensure environmental consultancy, i.e. have common Industrial parks and effluent treatment
  • Regional harmonization of the curricula for leather-related programs to
  • Enhance skills and labour mobility and portability
  • Cluster development and management enhancement
  • Strengthen Satellite Design Studios (SDS) and establishment of RDS
  • Strengthening synergies with development partners, etc.

Mr. Nicholas the new ED also thanked the God Almighty for the responsibility assigned to him. He assured the ALLPI Team that he would lead the Organization using a modern management approach which is participatory and team building. He emphasized that everyone is important and equal for the fulfillment of the Vision, Mission and the overall success of the Organization. He also reaffirmed the efficient utilization of resources received from Member States to ensure that leather sector development in Member States is realized. In his final words, he requested the ALLPI Team to work as a family and appreciated all the Staff Members for the reception that was prepared for him. He added that with the wonderful ALLPI community it is possible to realize the Mission and Vision of ALLPI.

The Board Chairperson and the Member of the Board finally inaugurated Mr. Nicholas Mudungwe as the new Executive Director of ALLPI and wished him successful years ahead.

Partial View of the ALLPI ED Welcome Reception
Partial View of the ALLPI ED Welcome Reception
Partial View of the ALLPI ED Welcome Reception
Partial View of the ALLPI ED Welcome Reception
Partial view of the Welcome Reception to the new Executive Director of ALLPI

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