Sudan is consider as one of biggest among the African countries in livestock population; thus, Africa Leather and Leather Products Institute (ALLPI) has a number of activities in Sudan among these activities but not limited to are :

  • Formulation and unpacked of leather value chain strategy
  • Conducting traceability training
  • Supporting Khartoum leather fair
  • MoUs with different stakeholders
  • Preparation the leather sector activities under RISM
  • Curriculum Development for some academic institutes

In collaboration with ALLPI, the above-mentioned mission was conducted during 9th – 14 May 2018
The delegates visited Leather Industries Development Institute (LIDI), Africa Leather and Leather Products Institute (ALLPI), Peacock Shoe Factory, Ethio– International Footwear Cluster Co-operative Society Limited (EIFCCOS )
The delegates were representing a number of Sudanese States and Government Institutes that include- West Darfur, South Darfur, Sinar, Gadarif, White Nile, Khartoum, Ministry of Trade, Sudan University of Science and Technology Leather Incubator.
The main purpose of the mission is to share experience with their counterpart in the leather sector in Ethiopia and that is due to the successful stories in this sector achieved by the Ethiopian (Public and Private sectors).
As result of wisdom policies and the government support in Ethiopia the leather sector is developed and being as one of industrial sector contributed to development goals in the country, source for foreign currencies earning, poverty alleviation and jobs creation therefore the delegates was impressed by these results.
ALLPI Executive Director, Prof. Mwinkione Mwinyihija, in his meeting with the Sudanese delegates underscored the important of the Sudan’s leather sector.
The Executive Director also pointed out the role of ALLPI in developing this sector in Sudan; and in this regard, he requested members of this mission to make baseline surveys in their respective states so that ALLPI can come- up with strategies for these states according to their needs in relation to the value chain of the leather sector taking into consideration the segments of the value chain in those states; since they are different in their level of the development as far as leather sector is concerned.
The Executive Director noted the importance of supporting SMEs in this sector, which he called them as the “Nucleus” of the development of this sector as well as its socio-economic impact.

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