Malawi footwear Training 2018

The Expert from ALLPI with the consultant from Member States went to Malawi to give training on FOOTWEAR DESIGNING AND FINISHING to SMEs from 13th to 20th August 2018 in Blantyre, Malawi.

The main objective of the Training was to enhance the quality of shoes produced by SME’s by using the newly established state of the art machines in Leather Satellite Design Studio in Blantyre.  The machines were bought with the support of EU-RISM with the aim of producing high quality footwear in Malawi.

The Training was conducted by Mr. Moses Mwangi, Footwear Technologist at Training and Production Centre for Shoe Industry (TPCSI) Kenyan and ALLPI Investment, Trade and Marketing expert Mrs. Birkinesh Gonfa as a facilitator of the Training Programme. The main Topic of the training was :

  • Characteristic, classification of last for various styles.
  • Principles of pattern cutting
  • Techniques to develop mean form
  • Principles of designing
  • Techniques to construct basic upper Pattern
  • Techniques to develop lining standard plan and working pattern
  • Techniques to develop bottom, Stiffening patterns
  • Technical Technology of upper
  • Various parts of the shoe (upper & bottom) and Principles of leather cutting.
  • (Cutting Equipments. Cutting quality requirements) Preparation for operation. Stitch marking, Types of skiving Type of seams
  • Machine usage and adjustment
  • Relationship between thread, material thickness and needle.
  • Quality standard of upper stitching, upper making and sequence of operation for bottom stock
  • Lasting Techniques
  • Objective of lasting
  • Quality control measures in lasting operations.
  • Shoe finishing techniques.

20 SME’s were participated in this training and producing of footwear using modern techniques was applied during the training. At the end of the training Certificates was handed-over to participants by Deputy Director of Private Sector Development, Mr. George Washington Mwase, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.

ISO QMS 9001:2018 and EMS 14001:2015

ALLPI is Certified of ISO Quality Management and Environment Management System


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