The Expert from ALLPI with the consultant from Member States went to Mauritius to give training on Basic Leather Goods and Footwear making technology from 19th to 23rd August 2019.

The main objective of the mission was to enhance the skills of SME’s in producing Leather goods and footwear in the newly established satellite Leather studio in the compound of SME Mauritius Ltd Handicraft Training Academy & Business Development and Facilitation.

The Training was conducted by Moses Mwangi Footwear Technologist and consultant on leather and Leather products manufacturing and facilitated by ALLPI Investment, Trade and Marketing expert Mrs. Birkinesh Gonfa. The main Topic of the training and practical session was:

  • General Introduction to leather and leather goods manufacture;
  • Elements and principles of design;
  • Leather goods components and their utility;
  • Styles types and sketching of basic design of leather goods;
  • measurements Pattern development and Diagrammatic Illustration of pattern cutting;
  • Principles of Design and Pattern Development;
  • Fabrication technology and Sketching of model design;
  • Techniques to develop ladies hand bag patterns;
  • Identification, Selection of raw materials and suitability for various purposes. (practical);
  • Cutting principles, outer , inner components and quality requirement;
  • Machineries and Tools Unit Operations, Machine control, Relationship between thread and needle;
  • Types of skives, Types of adhesives, accessories;
  • Fitting, Fasteners and Lining, Stitching samples;
  • Stitching own samples and Finishing techniques;
  • Leather goods care products;
  • Quality Control, Inspection and packing of the sample;
  • Work place hazards and safety measures;

The Mauritius National Leather Value Chain Strategy that was validated and launched in May 2019 clearly indicates skilled manpower problem as one of the major constraints of the leather sector.

The organization of this training workshop within such a short time of the strategy launch thus demonstrates the government’s commitment for the development of the leather sector. As per the objective of the mission, the training session was officially opened by Hon. Suni Bholah, Minister of Business, Enterprises and cooperatives, and graced by different officials from the Ministry, Senior chief Executive of the Ministry, Mr. Abdool Noorani Oozeer, CEO of SME Mauritius Mr. Roum Rawpekod, Dupty Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Mr. Dhairaj Konbye, Senior Advisor of the ministry Mr. Arond Joysury.

The Training opening ceremony was with full media coverage and ALLPI was repeatedly recognized by the Honorable Minister and the news was on the national television and different mass media.

In this training twenty-four SME’s were participated and production of Leather goods and footwear using modern technique was applied during the training. At the end of the training the certificate was issued and handover to participants by CEO of SME Mauritius. ALLPI promised to conduct advanced training shortly based on the request of the ministry for sustainable collaboration and development of Leather sector in Mauritius.

Partial view of the basic footwear and leather goods design training in Mauritius
Partial view of the basic footwear and leather goods design training in Mauritius

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