• ALLPI Conducted Regional Virtual Workshop in E-Commerce for Leather Industry Players

    Africa Leather and Leather Products Institute (ALLPI) conducted a two days virtual capacity building workshop on E-Commerce for Leather industry players. The Workshop was conducted on 14th -15th July 2022 in a hybrid mode-arrangements were made at each member country so that participants to come together at a venue. The objectives of the Workshop were:
    • To acquaint leather-based SMEs about the basics of E-commerce technology infrastructure, business concepts, social issues, and real-world experiences;
    • To enable SMEs to realize the emerging trends of E-Commerce;
    • To integrate investment and trade promotion activities in the leather value chain at Member States level.
  • ALLPI representing the Africa Leather Sector on Global Trade and investment Mission 2023

    Africa Leather and Leather Products Institute (ALLPI) participated on Global Trade and investment Mission 2023 (South Africa CAPE TOWN) (25th - 31st MARCH 2023) to represent Africa Leather sector in general and to explore the collaboration areas to support the Africa leather value chain.

    The objectives of this investment and Trade mission are to create awareness about the potential of the leather sector in Africa for Trade and investment and brief the participants about the ALLPI’s activities in facilitating the development of the leather sector in the region; that in turn allows participants from Africa and other part of the world know the potential and invest in Africa sustainably. This also created networking with the conference participants/Exhibitors and the potential investment funders for the future support activities to Africa Leather sector in general.